Thrive…health by design specialty:

Thrive, offers “XTREME” but gentle on you, NON-INVASIVE, Fast, Safe and Effective Whole Body Health Solutions; QRA Health Test, Quantum Nutrition, Deep Cell Detoxification, (Parasites, Radiation, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Drugs, and all Internal Pollution), Immune Specific, True Wellness Treatments,Therapies, and Natural Solutions.

  • Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Health evaluation and solutions, (see video). QRA by the use of the Bidigital O-Ring Test, is a university and scientifically proven technique, that is accurate to find health body stressors at the actual root of the matter (food, environment, stress, allergies, immune, internal body blockages), and the best natural health protocols for the individual ( nutrition, herbs, detox, food, therapies, environment protection). A person’s trauma (physical, mental or spiritual) can be the hidden reason that unbalances, disrupts, and interferes with the normal (healthy) meridian field and flow of the body and its own self healing capacity. These are often the reasons for serious and stubborn health symptoms that won’t go awayand, QRA is the Non-Invasive Proven Solution! (See  Quantum Reflex Analysis Page) 
  • Advanced Whole Body Deep Cell Dermal Detoxification. Effective deliverance from: Toxic radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, drugs, pesticides, xeno-estrogens, synthetic hormones, and all normal internal pollution
  • Trans-Dermal and Immune Specific Packs. Advanced therapeutic skin application packs, designed to effectively treat, and remove pain and health stressors from the body, at the root cause
  • XTREME HEALTH MAKEOVERS!!!  “Foundational Wellness Detox”, “Superior Wellness Cleanse”, “Optimum Wellness Xtreme Miracle Cleanse,” and custom made, wellness packages that combine two or several of the individual tests, treatments, nutritionherbs, and therapies together to achieve an XTREME WHOLE BODY HEALTH MAKEOVER!!!
  • Other effective individual therapies include: Infrared Sauna- Negative Ion Infrared Thermal Therapy- Ionic Whole Body Cleanse Foot Spa- Spa Body Rejuvenating Scrubs, Mud Packs and Wraps
  • Quantum Cell Nutrition. Only the Purest, Natural, and Most powerful Super Foods, Herbs and Nutrients, zero preservatives or toxic additives
  • Healthy Environment Solutions. Best Water  and Air Purification, Best Electro-magnetic, Radio-Frequency & Cellular pH Protection, as well as, Healthy Household Devices.


Thrive’s main objective is our clients Whole Body Self Healing. We Guide, Educate and Help individuals Achieve a Higher Level of Health, by using Proven, Successful, Natural Healing Modalities, and Therapies. (see services page) (see  testimonies page)