Quantum Reflex Analysis

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate?

What if you could regain peak mental  and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years?

Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but in the body’s own QUANTUM ENERGY BIO-FIELD (QEB)


Growing numbers of pioneer scientists, many of them Nobel  Laureates, have been assiduously mapping the body’s QEB patterns associated with healing and regeneration. In the past decades this work has progressed to a point where effective solutions are now available.



The Bidigital O-Ring Test (B-DORT) , patented by Dr. Yoshioki Omura, M.D., ScD.; (see video) is the most advanced healing system technique in health care today. Use as an early non-invasive diagnostic test for intractable medical problems with its safe and effective treatment. This technique has been further developed by Dr Bob Marshall,Ph.D., CCN. as the Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Health Assessment and Advanced Natural Therapy.

QRA was designed to facilitate rapid and accurate screening of  health estressors and identification of hidden blockages and functional deficits in patients, especially those with chronic symptoms and immunological unresponsiveness. QRA is capable of immediately detect stress factors (allergens, nutritional deficiencies, chemical imbalances, toxicity, or whatever the body challenge might be), and capable also to immediately provide the correct solutions.

For rapid clinical resolution of even the worst cases, specific evaluation of the body’s biofield is essential. QRA provides efficient analysis for all types of cases and is specially helpful for more complicated cases where a weakened or disordered physiology has created a resistant symptom picture. WHAT IS INTERFERENCE FIELD? An interference field (IF) is anything that disrupts the normal flow of bio-energy in the body. An IF can be located anywhere in the body, such as scars (even well- healed), previous areas of trauma, sites of detoxification ( such as injection sites), etc.  See this chart for an example.



QRA  is the solution for rapid resolution for even the worst health cases and is especially helpful for complicated cases where a weakened or disordered physiology has created a resistant symptom picture.

QRA  offers a simple, non-invasive assessment tool that is capable to immediately unveil the core issues in organ/gland deficiency and immunological unresponsiveness for fast recovery even from chronic illnesses.

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State of The Art 21 Century “Bdort” discovery (Quantum  Reflex Analysis) and the use of Time Proven, Safe, Effective,  Natural, Non- Invasive  Therapies,  and Protocols.

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