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  • Our premises and equipment are Electro-magnetic Field and Radio Frequencies Protected! (EMF & R F’s).
  • We use “Royal Air” for air oxygenating and purification.          
  • We provide electrolyzed, alkaline, purified water, for our clients to drink with our treatments (optional)
  • All of our therapies and protocols are designed to effectively help you INCREASE your ENERGY and to enable your body to HEAL IT SELF!

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA Test) Whole Body Health Assessment 

(scientifically/clinically proven)

Amazing! Be blown away! The most advanced non-invasive health assessment tool that is capable of accurately and immediately provide answers to problematic body symptoms, even those that won’t go away. This clinically tested and approved QRA Test, is a diagnostic tool founded by Dr. Yoshioki Omura M.D., SC.D and further developed by Dr. Bob Marshall as  The QRA Health Assessment and Solutions, that  can unlock the door to your health and wellness. $90.00/hr. See the following videos:





Ozone Insufflation (non-invasive) Theraphy

There are copious studies done on the safety, references and therapeutic benefits of ozone therapy.

Here follows an article by: Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA

The Miracle Of Ozone Theraphy:
Oxygen/Ozonation- one of the most highly esteemed therapies of Europe due to its tremendous success! An imbalance in bacteria, parasites, Candida, fungus, and mold can no longer live with oxygen/ozone present! Helpful for pain, infection, and the immune system-take advantage of these incredible internal treatments!
Ozone is probably one of the most miraculous healing therapies available on our planet at this time. Through its oxygenating power, Ozone is very potent electrified or energized oxygen (03). Oxygen is more essential to life than food and water. Without it we would die in minutes but in big cities the levels in the air are decreasing, causing widespread ill health. Oxygen is carried to every part of the body by the red blood cells and is essential for the functioning of every cell in the body, as well as stimulating a healthy immune system.

Why Ozone Treatments?

Internal Ozone usage is a very effective, yet gentle way to rapidly oxidize toxins and push them out of your body. Ozone attacks unhealthy cells destroying them. It helps regulate Ph balance destroys bacteria, viruses, molds, funguses, and parasites. It also attacks unhealthy cells destroying them. 

Ozone Insufflation Therapy session $1.50 per/min/15-3hr sessions

Thrive Quantum Nutrition

Feel alive! Benefit from Whole Body Cellular Nutrition. We provide  Quality Premium Tested, Quantum Nutrition. The purest and most potent super foods, herbs and supplements. Free of preservatives and toxins and full of powerful antioxidants and nutrients.

Ionic Whole Body Cleanse Foot Spa

Sit, Relax, See and Feel the results as this high-tech Negative Ions  detoxification system is used to purge harmful body toxins through the skin while taking a foot bath. Cleanse from all body systems Right before your eyes!

$34.99/30 min session
One and Two people packages of 10 for $279.00 (save $70.00)
Family and friends package of 20 for $499.00 (save $200.00) 

Add Essential Mineral Foot Soak for $5.oo ea ($10.00 value) w/this treatment

Essential Ionic Minerals Foot Soak

Recharge! Just like placing your feet in a natural hot mineral spa, this is a perfect way to soak up and replenish the highly absorbable essential Ionic minerals your body so desperately needs. It’s an immediate cell energy charge. $10.00/10 min.  

Take 3 cups home for only $5.99 for a “quick pick me up” (3 serving).


Wellness Immune / Pain/ Dermal Therapy (#1)

Restore your body’s functionality!  An intensive topical application of a customized blend of therapeutic, immune specific mix of oils and natural liquid compounds that deeply penetrate  the skin.  Effective soothing therapy for immune system, organ/gland, and for pain  (many times removing it at the source). Incredibly good in combination with #2  therapy for the removal of body meridian blockages (interference fields) that disrupt and slow down the normal organ/ gland function. These blockages (scar and trauma areas) (see QRA page) are often the reason for  troublesome body blockages and health symptoms that won’t go away! and can create wreak  havoc in the body, unfortunately, common  health tests do not show their nature and they are missed! Therapy   also includes Negative Ion-Infra Red therapy, Soft Laser Light Therapy, Electrolyzed Kangen water and soothing music (these two optional). $99.00/60 min approx.

Highly recommended to add an Ionic Cleanse Foot Spa and Ionic Mineral Foot Soak for only $29.99.00 with this treatment for more outstanding results! ( you may add  any power super foods, supportive nutrients, and herbs)

Advanced Whole Body Deep Cellular Detoxification (#2)

An extremely Fast and Effective form of Whole Body Detoxification ( Heavy Metals, Radiation,  Chemicals, Mycotoxins, Xeno-Estrogens, Celullar Waste, and all sorts of toxins from brain, liver, kidney, thyroid, lungs, lymphatic system and the skin. Using a topical application of Thrive’s powerful blends of clays, supplements and herbs that are imperative for a fast, deep cell cleansing and identity body self healing effect (use in conjunction with #1 therapy,  for internal body blockages removal and optimum results!). Increases metabolism, boosts immune system, relieves pain and muscle tension, rejuvenates cells, and eliminates edemaIncludes Soft Laser Light Therapy & Electrolized/ Alkaline Kangen water and soothing music (last two optional) $99.00/60 min approx
Highly recommended to add an Ionic Cleanse Foot Spa  and one Essential Ionic Minerals foot Soak for only $29.99 with this treatment, for more outstanding results! (you might add super foods, supportive nutrients, and herbs)

Soft Laser Light Therapy                               
(complementary therapy used to enhance results)    

A handheld device that has been modified for extra effectiveness.  To treat scars, wrinkles, and certain skin conditions. Stimulates cells, helps wound healing and promotes skin rejuvenation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, detoxification, and allows deeper penetration of dermal application therapies. (Soft Laser Light Therapy is used in conjunction with other treatments)

Rejuvenating Revitalizing Body Wraps.

(Includes Negative Ion Infra Red Thermal Therapy, and Soft Laser Light Therapy optional/some restrictions apply)                                                                                                                                     

You might add powerful super foods, supportive nutrients and herbs to any of our treatments.

Choose from Pampering, Rejuvenating or Detoxifying Body Wraps. TRULY A HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE! Beginning with skin exfoliation and using a custom blend of specific products for each wrap. (Soft Laser Light Therapy, Electrolyzed Alkaline Kangen Water, soothing music, relaxing  and soothing scalp, and foot pampering treatment optional)

Pampering Hydration Wrap

 $90.00/1:00 – 1:15 min approx. Soothing, Moisture Rich, Hydrating, Rejuvenating ! relax and enjoy!

 Rejuvenating Cellulite Wrap 

Targets the real source of cellulite! $120.00 1:00 -1:15 min approx (contains sea algae. Not recommended if allergic to shellfish). We can test with QRA analysis  for best individual effective option.

Mineral Rich Salt Scrub and Hydrating Oils

 Invigorating & Rejuvenating! skin exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells from the body and allows your skin to breathe, to absorb water and nutrients, and to rejuvenate. (Includes an application of highly emollient and hydrating organic oil and  butter) $90.00/ 1:00 t0 1:15 time approx


Negative Ions Infrared Thermal Therapy

Lie, rest and unwind. A highly penetrating (5-6 inch deep) whole body therapy in which Infrared light, Negative IONS and heat, soothes the nervous system, reduces stress, stimulates and improves the immune, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation, promotes cellular rejuvenation, burns calories, and eases pain and stiffness. Therapy can include Electrolyzed alkaline water & soothing music which enhance the calming experience  (Optional).

$1.00/min (20 min/ minimum)

FIR Infrared Sauna Therapy

Five Infrared lights penetrate the tissues that are normally unaffected by traditional saunas. Burn 300 – 600 calories in 30 minutes. Allows the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems directly stimulated to detoxify and remove heavy metals and other toxins from the lymph glands, through the skin. Helps the body to make its own vitamin “D”, improves immune system and blood circulation with a host of other benefits. (Music therapy and Electrolyzed kangen water optional). $1.00 /min (minimum 20 minutes) Essential Mineral Replacement foot soak afterwards is recommended. Only $5.99 with this treatment.

 Electro-magnetic Field & RF’s Pollution Protection

(EMF’s & RF’s Pollution)

This is a term given to all the man-made electronic field pollution of various frequencies that fill our homes, work places and public spaces, including the electronic handheld and portable devices that are now a part of our everyday lives. The dangers of this overwhelming pollution is just beginning to rear it’s ugly head and can be life threatening. See Video:

The good news is that living and working spaces,  and all the electrical devices can be protected using our state-of-the-art EMF and RF remediation devices and protocols and will be QRA (Bdort) tested to corroborate results.    (see videos)

Whole House EMF’s and RF’s Protection / only $199.00-$300.00 (depending on house size) Includes up to two air conditioners, one pool generator, seven handheld appliances, one car, two cell phones and two computers. (Cost of transportation not included) Office and commercial spaces (please call price quotes)

$7.50 each extra portable handheld device
$30.00 for 5 (extra) portable/handheld devices (save $7.50)
$20.00 or more will be charged for transportation, depending on distance (we serve only the Coachella valley for this service)

Personal EMF protection necklaces and bracelets from $8.00-$15.00


(to read about the benefits, please refer to individual therapy/treatments above).

Foundational Wellness Detox/Cleanse

Includes One Body Pure Cocktail, One Partial Dermal Wellness DTX (hand, kidney, liver, gallbladder and large intestine); One Whole Body Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Spa; Body/ Organ Support Essential (supplements caps 1 pack serving) One Revive Power Drink; two Ionic Mineral Foot Soak  (Electrolyzed Alkaline Water and music therapy optional)  A $150.00 value  $125.00/ 90 minutes approx.                                                   
(add ten more min if taken an extra Ionic Mineral Foot Bath)

Superior Wellness Detox/Cleanse

Includes: QRA Test (see QRA test above) for body pH, kidney, liver, intestines, gallbladder, lymph, lungs, thyroid, scars, and trauma areas, (body meridian/ organ/ gland  blockages), One Infra-Red Thermal Therapy (20 min), One  Wellness/ Immune/ Pain , Dermal Therapy, IFR Sauna Therapy (20 min), Two Essential Mineral Foot Soak, One Body Pure Herbal DTX Cocktail, One Revive Power Drink,  One Whole Body Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Spa, One Bottle of Kidney support 60c, (Electrolyzed/Alkaline, Kangen water and therapeutic music optional).  $250.00/ 2.5 hr approx.    A $300.00 value

Optimum Wellness “XTRM” Miracle Cleanse

Includes a QRA TEST (see QRA Test above) for body pH, Kidney, Liver, Intestines, Gallbladder, Thyroid, Lungs, Lymph, Dental, Scars and Trauma areas; Two Body Pure Cocktails, One Wellness Dermal Body Pack, Three Essential Mineral foot Soaks, Infrared Thermal Therapy (20 min or more), Sauna Therapy (30 min), Two Revive Power Drinks, One Whole Body Ion Cell Cleanse, One bottle of Kidney support (60 caps), (Electrolyzed Kangen drinking water throughout and  therapeutic music optional).

$525.00/approximately a 6 hour treatment. A $650.00 value!

Extra supplies may be required at discounted prices, depending on individual needs.
Our highly skilled therapists serve each person with compassion and dignity. Thrive… health by design is committed to listen to each client’s concerns and vigorously provide the best customized protocol  for each individual.


Tailor-made to your needs, finding the problem and its  source! QRA Health Analysis, and best protocol advice, prioritizing  individual needs or preferences (specific symptom conditions, a targeted detoxification, immune system boosting, weight problems, pain, lymphatic, heavy metal detox, parasites, candida, pancreas, kidney, liver, gallbladder, heart, hormonal imbalances, colon, thyroid, teeth, cellulitis, digestion, skin, energy, brain/mind (name your own particular needs). 

“Revive” Power Drinks

Powerful!  Nourishment for the entire body. Whole food nutrition that is bio-available at the cellular level.

$3.50 – $7.99 (16 oz glass serving) ( available while taking treatments, variety of choices).


“Body Pure” Herbal DTX Cocktail

A customized super detoxifying drink! Gentle yet naturally powerful whole body deep cell cleanser and chelator that will eliminate a number of toxins, metals, and waste  (available when taking  treatments)  $2.99 – $6.99 (12-16 oz glass)