[thethe-image-slider name=”Slider2″]  I’ve been dealing with a deteriorating, disease that has caused all my skin to be inflamed, painful, red, and even wounded. I sought out orthodox help and did not help me at all (they told me I was going to have to learn to live with it!). After a long time suffering, my wife was told about Barbara Kinsey, and Thrive… health by design, Natural Wellness and Detox Center, and she pushed me to go see her there , so I did. I started feeling better right after her detoxing treatments and following her program, and today, after two months my skin is all cleared out, and I’m feeling great! People who know what I was going through ask me how did I do it? So, I have recommended and will recommend her to anyone who wants to be healthier and feel great! I thank The Lord for Barbara, and for His  provision. Curtis Lang, Indio, California.

I had many health issues and I was taking prescribed medications but nothing helped! I suffered with trembling throughout my body for a long time; I had metal taste in my mouth, electrical-like shocks in my brain, anxiety attacks, bad digestion, and bladder infection among other symptoms. I did detox and wellness treatments with Barbara at “Thrive… health by design” and took supplements for my symptoms. I am no longer taking meds, and all those symptoms went away, quickly! I am so glad I met Barbara Kinsey“I truly believe that GOD brought her to me when I was in desperate need”.  Lili Mark, Palm Desert Ca.

[thethe-image-slider name=”Slider3″] I was feeling very toxic and run down when I came to Thrive… health by design. My two children where having some skin rashes and also needed some help with they’re digestion. So we took  10 day off to go see Barbara at her place.  She tested us, gave us a nutrition program specific for our situations and  we all did cleanse  treatments. We are very satisfied with the results! She could pin point what was going on with each one of us and gave us each the right program. I know Barbara Kinsey for many years and I always go to her when I have any health issues, or just whenever I need  to detoxify. I recommend to all my friends and family to go to Thrive…health by design if they want to feel healthy!

Kathy Powell, San Diego CA. 


Before I  went to Thrive…health by design
, met Barbara and went on her  program, I had ulcerated colitis for 20 years! It started giving me lose bowel movements, gas; basically right after I ate I was in the bathroom! I went through an orthodox program for 6 months, and nothing changed! I sought out Barbara’s help, she tested me and gave me an easy to follow, individualized program for my situation, I immediately started feeling better and in two months I was well!   “It was the best thing I ever did for my self”   

Jackie Blovett Riverside Ca.



At thrive…health by design, I received… guidance, knowledge, care and natural solutions, that put me on the right track to feeling healthy. I now have more energy and even lost 20 pounds! I feel fantastic and I look great! Barbara’s enthusiasm professionalism and positive energy are priceless. I will always consider her my friend. 

 Ann Arnold, San Diego Ca.